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What we can do to make your home healthier
Air Filter Box:
  • Vacuum and clean the box as needed.
  • Paint interior to block mold, mildew, and dust.
  • Increase air quality and efficiency.
  • Add caulking to the gaps, in order to make the box airtight, eliminate attic air exposure, and deliver the cleanest possible air from the filter to the A/C system.
  • Paint the fiberglass section of the filter box to improve fiberglass containment.
  • Install new filters.
Air vents:
  • Remove the air vent covers and check for any obstructions (such as loose tape or fiberglass chunks).
  • Clean/paint/recondition the vent covers as needed.
  • Apply caulking to specific gaps in the sheetrock (to increase air pressure).
  • Paint to contain any loose fiberglass, mold, mildew, mites, or dust inside vent box.
  • Touchup any stains around the vent when necessary.
Attic stairs:
  • Add weather stripping to create an airtight opening.
  • Install window clips to ensure a tight closure.
  • Apply caulking or foam to gaps in the molding.
  • Seal the hinge side of the attic door.
  • Add expanding foam insulation between frame and stairs.
Pictures will be provided to document the progress and results of our service.
See the before-and-after pictures...
Why not just have my vents cleaned?
Vent cleaning is a viable option and offers a short-term fix - but without sealing the gaps, the dust and pollutants come right back. Our service offers a permanent solution that saves you money and promotes the health of your family.
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